Drei Abschlussfilme von Absolvent*innen des internationalen MA „Visual Anthropology, Media and Documentary Practices“ der WWU Münster – Filmgespräche mit den Filmemacher*innen

Regie: Humad Nisar, Navid Ghadimi, Kanny Li, Deutschland 2022, ca. 120 min, FSK o.A.

Drei Abschlussfilme von Absolvent*innen des internationalen MA „Visual Anthropology, Media and Documentary Practices“ der WWU Münster. In den Filmen geht es um pakistanische queere Menschen und ihrer Beziehung zu ‚Heimat‘ (Humad Nisar), um unangepasste weibliche iranische Diaspora in Berlin (Navid Ghadimi) und alternatives ethisches Konsumverhalten (Kanny Li).

Zwischen der Präsentation der einzelnen Filme werden kurze Diskussionen mit den Filmemacher*innen geführt. Die Gespräche finden in englischer Sprache statt und können übersetzt werden. 

Plakat der Universität Münster

Humad Nisar: Home Sweet Home

‘Home Sweet Home explores the connection of Pakistani queer people with ‘home’. How do queer people navigate through intimacy, belonging, and the future and create a place like „home“ in a country where their existence is illegal? The author uses the method of autoethnography, to document the „self“ to establish the positioning in the film, yet keeping the identity of the participants hidden. Using the help of ethno-fiction and sensory methods of filming to focus on the truth rather than visibility because visibility, without protection, can cause negative consequences for marginalised people.To accumulate the sensuality of a place like home, the film uses sensory and psychedelic ethnographic film methods to create haptic visuals for the viewer rather than passive participation. The film follows a non-linear story-telling structure while playing with the content to create a sense of belonging and vulnerability. The topic of “home” goes beyond the four walls of the household. It is a complex enigma for Pakistani Queer people. This search for this place of safety is continuous and constantly evolving.

Navid Ghadimi: She, Herself

„She, Herself“ is about Iranian female nonconformity in the diaspora. It represents an Iranian female identity in Berlin who lives not too much according to the expectations of the regime. Between the lines of sensorial cinematography, this experimental observation is also about other motives of an Iranian woman’s psychic life.

Kanny Li: Meeting Frauke. Experience Ethical Prosumption

Discontented by mass consumption, Frauke found a way to avoid participating in the mainstream consumer market to reflect her ethical ideology. Her self-provision lifestyle is coherent with the Futurist Alvin Toffler’s (1980) Prosumption Theory, in which an individual both produces and consumes. Thus the researcher coined the protagonist an “ethical prosumer”.

The research field was approached and scrutinised by the methodology, Friendship-as-method to highlight and establish the dynamics between the protagonist and the researcher. The result is an intimate insight into the practice of an ethical prosumer. This short film gives viewers an opportunity to contemplate their own consumption habits.

Montag 13. Februar 2023 | Schloßtheater |19:00 Uhr